Holy Nelson and the Uhuru Cave

Thanks to Hurricane from: topix.com
At last: the book on Holy Nelson that reveals all.

  • (When reading this story it should be recalled that The USA, Canada, Amnesty International and many other organizations had classified Nelson Mandela as a terrorist. Mandela was prevented from travelling to the USA or Canada for many years before the restrictions on his person were lifted.
  • By the way, Mandela was genuinely given a new Mercedes... no charge.)


Nelson and the Uhuru Cave.


MANY, many years ago there lived in South Africa a little black man called Nelson. When he was young, he was called Little Nelson. Little Nelson was poor, and survived by herding cattle and goats in and around his family’s kraal. One day when he was out in the veld watching his family’s animals, he saw forty naked black men coming toward him. Fearing they might be robbers, he climbed a tree to hide. Near the tree there was a steep bank formed of solid rock. When the forty naked black men came to the rock, one, who seemed to be the chief, took out a AK47 rifle, shot one of the other black men dead, and said the words, "Open, Uhuru!" Instantly a door opened in the rock, and they all passed through, and the door closed after them.

Little Nelson stayed in the tree, and after a while the door opened again, and the forty black men, at this stage down to only thirty-nine, came out. They were now all dressed in fine suits, and were all loaded up with gold and silver and great bags of money. The Chief closed the door by once again taking his AK47 rifle and shooting another man dead, saying, "Shut, Uhuru!". Then they walked away.

Little Nelson was very impressed with all this. Because he was also naked, and he would have liked nothing better than to wear a nice fine suit and have lots of money. When the black men were out of sight, Little Nelson came down, and, going up to the rock, said, "Open, Uhuru!" But the door refused to open, because Little Nelson did not have a rifle, and there was no one to shoot anyway.

Deep in thought, Little Nelson walked home that evening. He did not tell the other people in his kraal, but he promised himself to one day have an AK47 rifle and shoot other people dead, too, so he could also get a nice fine suit to wear and have lots of money. He knew that if he told them, they would know what he wanted, making it more difficult for him to shoot them and get all those riches in the Uhuru cave later. So Little Nelson kept the secret of the Uhuru cave to himself and carried on tending his family’s cattle and goats for the time being.

When Little Nelson became Big Nelson, he went away to the City of the White Man, since he realised that at that stage in South Africa only the White Man had what he wanted. There, he learnt to become a lawyer, because he knew that lawyers get into contact with terrorists, and terrorists have AK47 rifles, and with Ak47 rifles you can shoot other people, like Little Nelson, now Big Nelson, wanted to in order to get his hands on all that lovely money in the Uhuru cave. And soon he hit the jackpot, when he met some white terrorists, who were busy collecting AK47 rifles and many other lovely gadgets to kill and maim people, like landmines and explosives. Big Nelson eagerly joined their innocent little terror group in order to obtain the means to kill people. He did not really care for his fellow-black people, like his white terrorist friends pretended to care. What he cared about was to have a weapon, so he could use it to get a nice suit and lots of money from the Uhuru cave.

But just as Big Nelson and his lovable terrorist friends got into the swing of getting all the lovely weaponry to terrorise and kill, the Big White Chief, Baas Hendrik, found out about them and arrested Big Nelson. Nelson's white friends, who had been only too glad to find a stupid little black man like Nelson to do all the dirty terror work and take the rap if things go wrong, ran off overseas, leaving Big Nelson to face the White Man’s court. There, Big Nelson was sentenced to life imprisonment, and shipped off to a little island called Robben Island.

On Robben Island, where Big Nelson stayed for many, many years, Big Nelson became Holy Nelson. Realising that it was not so easy to get hold of an AK47 rifle and shoot people without facing the White Man’s court, he gladly cooperated with a new order by all the cronies and secret backers of his former white terrorist friends, who were now organising weapons and bombs from overseas. This new order meant for a black man to become a Holy Man, for the many stupid white people in South Africa and overseas to admire and one day accept as their Big Black Baas. Once there was such a Big Black Baas, and there was no Big White Baas anymore, the AK47 rifles could come in freely, and the Uhuru cave could be plundered to their heart’s content. So Big Nelson, now Holy Nelson, stayed on his little island and became holier and holier and holier, as the years went by. Near the end of his time, he had become so holy that he even fooled the Big White Baas ruling at the time, who was quite a bit less clever than Baas Hendrik, who had been killed by Holy Nelson’s white cronies long ago.

So one day the last Big White Baas let Holy Nelson out of his little cell on Robben Island, telling his fellow-whites that they had to ‘reform’. What he actually meant, of course, was that he wanted to make Holy Nelson the first Big Black Baas, so Holy Nelson would be thankful and give him a small part of all that lovely boodle in the Uhuru cave. And Holy Nelson agreed, knowing that once he was the Big Black Baas, he could do what he liked.

So it came to pass that Holy Nelson became the first Big Black Baas. Most of the dumb whiteys believed the last Big White Baas’ story about the necessity of so-called ‘reforms’, not realising this meant their hand-over to the big Black Baas and his henchmen. For the inauguration of Holy Nelson as First Big Black Baas, the country was very gay; many strangers from all parts of the globe arrived to gloat over the hand-over of all the whites to a black Baas. And so Holy Nelson ruled for a few years, before handing over to the Second Big Black Baas. And the Second Big Black Baas rules until he officially hands over to the Third Big Black Baas, and so on ad infinitum.

And since Holy Nelson became the First Big Black Baas, he and every black Baas were able to get into the Uhuru cave to loot and plunder as much as possible. Holy Nelson and his successors made sure they were never short of AK47’s and all sorts of killing gadgets again, and they shot and killed thousands and thousands of innocent people, both black and white. This way, they built up such a nice stock of killings that whenever any black said ‘Open Uhuru!”, the Uhuru cave opened up immediately .to let him in. Once inside, he or she could pick and chose from gold and silver, and funds and shares, and bags and bags of wonderful money, and even brand-new Mercs and BMW’s. So far, the huge Uhuru cave has not let anyone down. But voices have gone up to warn that, sooner or later, there won’t be many people left to shoot dead, and the Uhuru cave will become closed again. Then many of the black Base might have to get out of their fine suits, put on their riempies, and go back to tending cattle and goats. If by that time they will still be able to remember how to look after cattle and goats that is....
-The End.

  • Very good story Hurricane, except that it took me a while after I had finished it to realize that it might not all be true. After all, Winnie would have emptied the Uhuru cave long before Holy Nelson left his fine cell on Robben Island.

Nelson Mandela and Freedom Day

Today the world celebrates Freedom day and respectfully worships its icon, Holy Nelson Mandela.

The moral lesson in the global Mandela-mania is, of course, that before Mandela became president of South Africa nobody was free, except for the minority White racists (who all hated Blacks and exploited them endlessly). After the second coming of Mandela that all changed and now everybody is free so logically we should all celebrate Freedom Day.
We are saved. Hallelujah !
Holy Nelson has entered the lofty ranks of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Jesus Christ and mere mortals such as ourselves should all genuflect and be grateful (and ashamed to be White... especially if you are a South African White.)

Just in case my subtle sarcasm escaped notice, it should in all honesty be stated that this blog has a different perspective on Holy Nelson and what constitutes "freedom".

Propaganda has it that the entire South African debacle was White-Black conflict caused by the Whites and their hateful Apartheid racist policies that impoverished the poor downtrodden Black majority.

Truth, so it goes, looks different when observed from different angles, at different times.
I, the author of this blog, was in the army during those Apartheid years. Three years I spent in the South African army, dedicated to fighting communists who were infiltrating our country's borders. The Soviet Union  supplied neighbouring countries such as Angola and Mozambique with military hardware. Black recruits were trained in Russia, East Germany and other communist states.
White South African soldiers fought alongside Black volunteers who also desired to prevent a communist takeover of South Africa. We had all seen the terrible consequences of communism in Africa and had no desire to see it repeated in South Africa.

The astute reader will by now have picked up that the political situation was not a simplistic White vs Black problem. The majority of the Black population had no desire to embrace communism, as did the majority of Whites. Some Blacks and some Whites, however, supported Communism and embraced the ANC as the logical vehicle to implement communism.

"Long live the Cuban Revolution. Long live comrade Fidel Castro" - Nelson Mandela

This implies that the ANC first had to persuade the peaceful, uninvolved Black population to support its cause. At last we are full circle back to Holy Nelson Mandela, who had co-created the terrorist organisation Mkhonto we Sizwe (MK).
During the Rivonia trials Mandela and his co-accused faced charges of sabotage, including deeds of sabotage, committing of illegal deeds, canvassing persons for training in warfare, manufacture and use of explosives with the aim to commit violence and cause destruction (altogether 153 acts of violence were listed) and conspiracy to engage in guerrilla-warfare with the aid of foreign armies.  Plans included the manufacture of 48 000 land mines and large quantities of hand grenades, pipe, petrol and bottle bombs.   These were to be unscrupulously applied; camouflaged in the most innocent packages like fruit boxes, coffee and jam tins and placed in soft spots like footpaths and entrances to gardens, with the aim to achieve maximum deaths, maiming and destruction.

These weapons were ultimately used in terror attacks where mainly Black people were killed or mutilated.
The most terrible intimidation against Black people was the "Necklace" murder, whereby a (non-ANC, invariably Black) victim was bound with a car tyre around his neck, doused with a flammable liquid (Diesel or oil burns longer and better than petrol) and set alight as a warning to others who opposed the ANC.

The child above (Black) was a "necklace" victim. This intimidation was wildly successful and the ANC top brass encouraged the practice, including Mandela's then wife, Winnie Mandela.

"With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country" - Winnie Mandela.

So much for Mandela the man of "Peace"
Rather we should today be remembering Mandela the violent communist rabble-rouser.

Church street bomb carnage - Nelson Mandela created the terrorist group called "Mkhonto we sizwe" (MK for short). MK murdered far more black people than white, and far more civilians than police or military, as in the Church street bomb shown above.

Holy Nelson's last act of overt violence came long after his release from prison, when he was already de-facto in charge of the political process and working from within parliament.

This child was an ANC landmine victim.
Smuggling in thousands of landmines was a Mandela initiative.

Zulus opposed to the ANC organised a protest march outside ANC headquarters "Shell House". Zulu tempers were aroused because more than 300 Zulu leaders had been assassinated by the ANC in the runup to the "free" elections.
Shell house was locked down. There were no windows at ground floor level and doors were bolted and protected by armed security guards. There was no conceivable danger to ANC personnel inside.

Nelson Mandela personally gave the order to "Shoot To Kill", as he freely admitted in parliament.
From windows high above the marching Zulus, the ANC "ex-terrorists" opened fire on the Zulu crowd below. This became known as the "Shell House Massacre", as ordered by that paragon of peace, Holy Nelson Mandela.
Wikipedia mentions the massacre in a subdued article as follows:

  • "ANC security guards opened fire, killing nineteen people. At the time, guards claimed that the IFP supporters were storming the building, or that they had received a tip-off that this was planned. The Nugent Commission of Inquiry into the killings rejected this explanation. The commission's conclusion was that the shooting by ANC guards was unjustified.
  • This incident reflected the rising tensions between the ANC and IFP, which had begun in the 1980s in KwaZulu-Natal and had then spread to other provinces in the 1990s. The IFP claimed that the ANC was intent on undermining traditional authorities and the power of Zulu Chiefs; the ANC saw it as a power struggle as the demise of apartheid was finalised"


The above cartoon is based on the fact that Mandela, when President of South Africa, was not permitted to enter the United States as they had declared him a terrorist. Amnesty International had done the same.


The following comment is from a neutral website:
"So there we have it. Mandela. Blew up a few buildings, went to prison for years, came out and destroyed his country's economy. Quite a record. Ironically, he was probably responsible for more deaths through his disastrous stewardship of the economy than Umkhonto we Sizwe ever managed to knock off during the armed struggle."

Apartheid existed in various forms throughout human history. The first "Blacks Keep Out" signs were drawn in hieroglyphics along Egypt's southern border with the Nubians (Blacks).
By the latter half of the twentieth century any fool could see that this would change. South Africa took a little longer than the USA to change and this provided the SA Communist Party with the edge it required. It also bestowed the convicted terrorist, Nelson Mandela, with de-facto sainthood.
Holy Nelson  has now receivedover 250 awards, including the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize, the U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Soviet Order of Lenin.

Meanwhile back in South Africa poverty and unemployment have skyrocketed. The corrupt ANC leadership have become rich beyond their dreams while more than a million Whites have fled the country. Thousands of White farmers have been tortured and murdered while Mandela and the ANC smugly claiom that their revolution song: "Kill the Boer, kill the Farmer" is not racist and does not condone violence against Whites.

Perhaps it is better that Mandela personally close the subject in this YouTube video:

Pardon us cynics if we do not celebrate Freedom Day. We have had more freedom than we can stand.